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Dragon's Crown review for PS3 and PS Vita

Boobs, Golden Axe, Dungeons & Dragons, Japan.

Are you interested? We've got a two-for-one review for Vanillaware's latest 2D work.

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Muramasa: Rebirth review for PS Vita

Muramasa trades in its console counterpart for a sleeker, more compact platform.

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Atlus showcases two new Dragon's Crown character trailers

Atlus unveils two new character trailers for the upcoming Dragon's Crown, showcasing the Amazon and the Wizard.

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Check out these new character trailers for Dragon's Crown

Check out two new trailers, focusing on the Fighter and the Sorceress, from the upcoming PS Vita/PS3 exclusive Dragon's Crown.

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Muramasa Rebirth gets a Blessing of Amitabha Collector's Edition for PS Vita

Muramasa Rebirth is getting a fancy collector's edition for its upcoming June 25th release on the Playstation Vita.

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Dragon's Crown coming to PS3, PS Vita in 2013 courtesy of Atlus

In a somewhat unique arrangement for Atlus, the company yesterday announced that they would be assuming publishing and producing duties for the amazing looking, Vanillaware -developed Dragon's Crown for the PS3 and PS Vita.

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