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Unreal Engine 4-powered Tekken 7 announced by Bandai Namco

The big EVO news over the weekend was Bandai Namco revealing that Tekken 7 is in development… but that's not the whole story.

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The future of Unreal Tournament begins today

A totally free new Unreal Tournament game is in development… by you.

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Learn about character aesthetics in Epic's UE4 – Inside Unreal installment

We're likely to see Epic's Unreal Engine 4 show up as the engine of choice for many next generation games, so it doesn't hurt to get a glimpse behind the tech.

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Unreal Engine 4, SpeedTree now available for PS4 developers

A pair of big middleware/tool/engine developers today announced that their wares are now available for PlayStation 4 developers, and are being utilized already.

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Square Enix signs multi-game Unreal Engine 3, Unreal Engine 4 deal


Square Enix is still on the Unreal Engine bandwagon, and Epic Games this morning announced that the company has signed an agreement to utilize UE3 and UE4 in a number of upcoming projects.

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Epic Games reveals new Fortnite details and screens

Epic Games shows off a bit of their Unreal Engine 4-powered co-op sandbox survival PC title. A few details too!

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