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Square Enix shows off Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration PS4 Pro tech video

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics give a tour of the various visual and performance enhancements that will be available for the PS4 Pro when it launches next week.

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Sony publishes the PlayStation VR: Ultimate FAQ

Everything you need to know, and more, about the PlayStation VR hardware, software and launch.

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PS4 System Software Update 4.00 goes live tomorrow

Sony reveals a few more features and enhancements for the refreshed PS4 system software and a release date.

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PS4 gets new PS Camera, DualShock 4, Platinum Headset

You want new and improved PlayStation 4 peripherals? You’re getting new and improved PlayStation 4 peripherals.

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PlayStation 4 Pro specs, press release, product shots

Check out the official specs, press release and product shots for the new PS4s from Sony.

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Sony officially reveals PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4 slim

Act surprised! Sony today officially revealed both the smaller, cheaper PlayStation 4 “slim” and the super-powered 4K HDR-enabled PlayStation 4 Pro. Updated with details from the PS Meeting.

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