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NieR: Automata's Glory to Mankind 119450310 trailer shows off a bleak, dystopian future

The release of NieR: Automata is only about a month away, so it's good to see Square Enix/Platinum Games try to explain the kinda convoluted RPG plot a bit more and show more open world gameplay.

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NieR: Automata PS4 demo available today, includes FFXV and Dragon Quest weapons

Download the demo for Square Enix and Platinum Games' anticipated action RPG today, and/or check out some new screens and a demo trailer.

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NieR: Automata gets a 2017 release date, PS4 Black Box Collector's Edition

An official release date, details for the $190 Collector's Edition, news of an upcoming demo, a pair of PSX trailers and more within!

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