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You'll want to double dip after seeing this GTA V trailer for PS4, Xbox One, PC

We were really, really hoping that Rockstar Games would announce an enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4, Xbox One and/or the PC, and thankfully that happened last night.

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Grand Theft Auto Online's spring update bring heists, capture creator, fixes

New features, content, enhancements for GTA Online and a bit of info for GTA V's Story Mode DLC.

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GTA Online's free Beach Bum update coming next week

Rockstar Games today revealed some details on the forthcoming Beach Bum update for Grand Theft Auto Online that is scheduled to go live on November 19th.

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Grand Theft Auto V tops $800 million worldwide at launch

Well that didn't take long… Take-Two and Rockstar Games today announced that Grand Theft Auto V topped $800 million worldwide.

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PSA: Grand Theft Auto V now available

For anyone who has been living under a really, really big rock, Grand Theft Auto V is now available worldwide and we have the press release to prove it.

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GTAV iFruit, Manual iOS apps now available; Android, Windows Phone, Vita soon

Rockstar Games today released the first set of companion apps for Grand Theft Auto V, including Los Santos Customs, Chop the Dog and the game's digital manual.

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Grand Theft Auto V gets more new screens, official site update

Grand Theft Auto V will be unleashed onto the world in only 4 days from now and Rockstar is still finding time to hype the hell out of it.

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Deal Alert!

PS3 500GB Grand Theft Auto V Bundle is only $269.99 at Amazon

A crazy awesome pre-order deal for the upcoming PS3 GTA V bundle at Amazon.

Grand Theft Auto V – Michael. Franklin. Trevor. Trailers coming April 30th

Rockstar Games today has announced that a set of new Grand Theft Auto V trailers are ready to be unleashed next Tuesday, April 30th. Stay tuned…

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Grand Theft Auto V cover art is revealed

Rockstar Games this morning has officially revealed the Grand Theft Auto V box art.

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Grand Theft Auto V coming 9/17/13

The title says it all. Rockstar Games this morning officially revealed the release date for the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V. Unfortunately, it's not as early as we originally expected, but hey, what can you do.

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Take a look at these new Grand Theft Auto V screens at your leisure

Grand Theft Auto V content is ever so slowly starting to trickle out now with the latest batch highlighting some beautiful weather, leisurely activities and nothing that appears to show off any laws being broken.

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