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Grand Theft Auto V PC 60fps trailer hits the street

Do you have a well equipped PC gaming rig and are ready to finally spend some time with Grand Theft Auto V? Then check this out.

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GTAV Online Heists confirmed for March 10th, PC release set for April 14th

Finally, the long awaited PC version of Grand Theft Auto V and the GTA Online – Online Heists feature are just about ready to roll out.

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GTA Online Heists coming in early 2015, check out the new trailer, screens

Even though we still don’t have a definitive release date, Rockstar Games has confirmed that the Grand Theft Auto Online – Heists update will be coming to all platforms in early 2015.

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See the PS3 and PS4 versions of Grand Theft Auto V side-by-side

Rockstar Games is most definitely kicking their Grand Theft Auto V hype into overdrive. Check out a new trailer showing of all the visual enhancements.

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Rockstar details exclusive GTA V content for returning players

As a reward for double-dipping, Rockstar Games has provided details on what kind of additional content that returning players can get their hands on. New screens and an FAQ too.

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Grand Theft Auto V to get story mode expansions in 2014

Rockstar Games isn’t done with Grand Theft Auto V… not even close. There’s a whole lot of content and updates coming to GTA Online, but there’s also new single player GTA V expansions/additions in the works.

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Deal Alert!

GTA V for PS3, Xbox 360 is only $33.99 at Amazon (Deal over)

The cheapest price of the year on one of the best games of the year. Limited time only!

GTA Online’s free Beach Bum update coming next week

Rockstar Games today revealed some details on the forthcoming Beach Bum update for Grand Theft Auto Online that is scheduled to go live on November 19th.

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GTA Online update, stimulus package scheduled for next week

Rockstar Games this morning announced that Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online will be patched up sometime early next week. The funds should start flowing as well.

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Rockstar giving away $500,000 in GTA$ to all Grand Theft Auto Online players

To make up for the technical difficulties that many players have been experiencing in GTA Online, Rockstar is handing out a cool half million dollars to all.

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Grand Theft Auto Online update released for PS3, coming soon to Xbox 360

Rockstar Games is working hard at squishing bugs and getting Grand Theft Auto Online running as smoothly as possible on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Grand Theft Auto Online now live

Grand Theft Auto Online is now available for owners of Grand Theft Auto V, and Rockstar has delivered more details on what to expect from the service in the near future.

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New Grand Theft Auto Online details revealed

Rockstar Games today announced new details for Grand Theft Auto Online today to better describe what the experience is going to be all about.

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Grand Theft Auto V tops $800 million worldwide at launch

Well that didn’t take long… Take-Two and Rockstar Games today announced that Grand Theft Auto V topped $800 million worldwide.

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