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Final Fantasy XIII trilogy launching on PC starting next month

After accidentally ruining the surprise by posting a Steam logo on the official site, Square Enix has made it official.

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Final Fantasy characters get a job modeling Prada’s 2012 Spring/Summer men’s collection

Ok, this is just getting to be too much. Final Fantasy’s fashion-conscience characters have now begun crossing over into the real world for the purpose of modeling fashion. Seriously… in Europe at least, to celebrate the RPG series’ 25th Anniversary.

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Commander Shepard’s N7 armor coming to Final Fantasy XIII-2 as DLC

What in the world… now this is an interesting crossover. Square Enix and BioWare are teaming up to provide the main characters of Final Fantasy XIII-2 with Commander Shepard’s N7 armor from Mass Effect. Read on for the details and screens.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning DLC review for PSN, XBLA

A quick look at the recently released DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2, featuring playable versions of Lightning and Lt. Amodar. Not a bad addition for the asking price, but not without some minor frustrations.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 review for PS3, Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIII-2 excels where the original didn’t, but not without a few flaws of it’s own. A handful of additions, like monster collecting, and more exploration help bring this game more in line with what was expected out of Final Fantasy XIII.

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Deal Alert!

Last chance to get Final Fantasy XIII-2 for $39.99 at Amazon (after bonus credit)

The pre-order bonus is still in effect at Amazon, so if you’re looking for a good price on the PS3 and Xbox 360 FFXIII sequel, now’s your chance.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 now available, first DLC hits next week

Final Fantasy XIII-2 hit retail today (our review is almost done), and to celebrate, Square Enix has revealed more about the first pieces of DLC scheduled to be released for the game. Read on for all the information and a pair of screens.

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Variety is the spice of life in this final Final Fantasy XIII-2 video

Are you tired of these yet? Did you enjoy the Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo? Well, either way, this is the very last video doc from Square Enix for the game, so enjoy it.

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Get back to the future in the latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Time Travel” trailer

Last week you got a taste of Final Fantasy XIII-2, and in about 2 weeks you’ll have the full game in your hands. But today, Square Enix sent over a new “Time Travel” trailer for the latest FF title which shows off this important new ability.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo coming to PS3, Xbox 360 next week

We’re not quite sure why Square Enix PR has yet to formally announce this to the world, but a demo for their anticipated Final Fantasy XIII sequel is scheduled to be released next week in both North America and Europe.

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Catch some Moogle Magic in this new Final Fantasy XIII-2 video

Kupo! Time for some Moogle Magic! Check out the latest gameplay trailer starring Mog, Serah’s in-game companion.

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Square Enix and Microsoft collaborate to bring exclusive Final Fantasy XIII-2 weapon DLC to Xbox 360 version

Square Enix and Microsoft have announced some big news regarding Final Fantasy XIII-2 this morning. Huge, enormous, and possibly earth-shattering news regarding an exclusive for the Xbox 360 version of the game.

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Meet the cast of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in this new “Characters” trailer

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is only about a month away so it’s about time you meet the main adversaries, heroes, and other returning characters from the series in the game.

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Enjoy the Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Master of Monsters” trailer and plenty of new screens

It’s getting difficult to keep up with the Final Fantasy XIII-2 updates from Square Enix as their flurry of new details, screenshots and videos have been picking up in advance of the North American release. Check out the latest.

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