Sucker Punch is makin' it rain in this new inFamous Second Son trailer


With the March 21st release date drawing a bit closer, PS4 owners are surely excited to get their hands on the next big first party, next-generation release.

We're talking about Sucker Punch's inFamous: Second Son, and today the studio released a new development trailer showing off some of the ridiculous open-world visuals of their virtual re-creation of Seattle. And surprise, there's a bit of rain going on.

inSIDE SUCKER PUNCH: Make it Rain trailer:

Hop on over to the official PS Blog post for more info too.

inFAMOUS: Second Son Limited Edition (PlayStation 4) (Video Game)

Manufacturer: Sony Computer Entertainment
ESRB Rating: Teen
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre: Action

Enjoy Your Power

inFAMOUS Second Son, a PlayStation 4 exclusive, brings you an action adventure game where surrounded by a society that fears them, superhumans are ruthlessly hunted down and caged by the Department of Unified Protection. Step into a locked-down Seattle as Delsin Rowe, who has recently discovered his superhuman power and is now capable of fighting back against the oppressive DUP. Enjoy your power as you choose how you will push your awesome abilities to the limit and witness the consequences of your actions as they affect the city and people around you.

Limited Run!

Providing more for the same price as the regular retail copy of inFAMOUS Second Son, the Limited Edition packs additional in-game missions that reveal more about the events leading up to Delsin’s story. Completing these added missions will unlock an exclusive in-game jacket designed in honor of Cole MacGrath!

Limited Edition Contents

Unlock Cole’s Jacket for Delsin to wear in the Bonus Exclusive Downloadable Content, Cole’s Legacy:

Uncover what happened between the devastating events of inFAMOUS 2 and inFAMOUS Second Son in Cole’s Legacy.

Cole MacGrath’s actions in New Marias set in motion a chain of events leading to the now forceful occupation of Seattle by the oppressive Department of Unified Protection. Cole’s Legacy bridges the gap in time with a series of missions Delsin Rowe must complete that reveal unique insights into how the world of inFAMOUS Second Son came to be.

Key Features
  • A New Origin Story: Step into an open world adventure that offers a realistic take on being superhuman
  • Choice and Consequence: Witness how the city, the people you encounter, and even the story itself is all affected by the actions you take
  • Control Multiple Powers: Draw powers out from other superhumans, creating your own set of distinct powers to use as you see fit
  • Freely Explore the City of Seattle featuring highly detailed environments, realistic weather, reflections, shadows and lighting
List Price:$59.99 USD
New From:$27.98 USD In Stock
Used from:$17.99 USD In Stock