Black Friday deals on the Xbox 360 Game Store begin today

xbox-360-logoUnlike the plethora of Black Friday retail deals that many of us will be killing ourselves over, it's nice to be treated to a sale which doesn't rely on waking up at 3am or camping out.

So if you have an Xbox 360, and want some cheap games and content, Microsoft has assembled an attractive schedule of Holiday deals that should easily fill up your console's HDD.

How does Tomb Raider for $14.99, The Bureau for $19.79 or Far Cry Blood Dragon for only $4 sound?

Check out the schedule, courtesy of Major Nelson, below.


Persistent Week-long Offers (26, Nov. – 2, Dec.)
ContentType% off
The Bureau XCOM DeclassifiedGames on Demand67%
DeadpoolGames on Demand40%
God ModeXBLA50%
SkyrimGames on Demand50%
Skyrim: DragonbornAdd-on50%
Skyrim: DawnguardAdd-on50%
Fallout 3Games on Demand50%
Fallout 3: Mothership ZetaAdd-on66%
Fallout 3: Point LookoutAdd-on66%
Fallout 3: The PittAdd-on66%
Fallout 3: Operation: AnchorageAdd-on66%
Fallout 3: Broken SteelAdd-on66%
Wolfenstein 3DXBLA75%
The CaveXBLA75%
Rockstar Table TennisGames on Demand66%
Tomb RaiderGames on Demand50%
Sleeping DogsGames on Demand38%
Mark of the NinjaXBLA66%
Mark of the Ninja Special EditionAdd-on66%
Runner 2XBLA50%
Sacred CitadelXBLA50%
Motocross MadnessXBLA75%
Metro Last LightGames on Demand50%
Puzzle Quest Challenge of the WarlordsXBLA70%
Puzzle Quest GalatixXBLA57%


Black Friday 1-Day Offers (29, Nov. only)
ContentType% off
Diablo III (US, CA & MX only)Games on Demand33%
WWE 2K14 Games on DemandGames on Demand33%
WWE 2K14 Accelerator DLCAdd-on50%
Halo 4 Champions BundleAdd-on50%
Rayman LegendsGames on Demand50%
Magic 2014XBLA50%
Spider-Man: Edge of TimeGames on Demand67%
Spider-Man: Friend or FoeGames on Demand67%
Spider-Man: Shattered DimensionsGames on Demand67%
Spider-Man: Web of ShadowsGames on Demand67%
X-Men: DestinyGames on Demand50%
X-Men: Origins WolverineGames on Demand67%
X-Men: The Official GameGames on Demand67%
Dragon’s Dogma Dark ArisienGames on Demand66%
OnechanbaraGames on Demand80%


Cyber Monday 1-Day Offers (2, Dec. Only)
ContentType% off
Far Cry Blood DragonXBLA75%
Red Dead RedemptionGames on Demand75%
The Witcher 2Games on Demand75%
Dark SoulsGames on Demand75%
BattleBlock TheaterXBLA67%
Rayman OriginsGames on Demand50%
L.A. NoireGames on Demand75%
Fast and Furious: ShowdownGames on Demand75%
Men in Black: Alien CrisisGames on Demand75%

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Xbox LIVE Gold membership, fees and/or requirements apply for some Xbox LIVE features. Not all Xbox LIVE content is Kinect enabled. Games, add-ons and media content sold separately. Internet Explorer on Xbox coming Holiday 2012. See xbox.com/live.
2 Coming Holiday 2012. Compatible devices required. Broadband internet, additional fees and/or requirements apply for some Xbox LIVE features. Not all features and content on Xbox LIVE is Kinect voice and gesture enabled. Second screen control requires compatible devices enabled with Xbox SmartGlass and is only available with select Xbox LIVE content. See xbox.com/live.
3 Coming Holiday 2012. Broadband internet and compatible devices required. To watch on Windows Phone, sync content from compatible PC. See xbox.com/live.
4Coming Holiday 2012. Compatible devices and internet required; carrier fees apply. On TV, Xbox Music Pass allows for streaming only and requires an Xbox 360 console and Xbox LIVE Gold subscription (both sold separately). Limited hours of free streaming after 6 months; unlimited with paid subscription. Available Xbox Music features and content may vary over time. See xbox.com/music.

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